Saturday, January 29, 2011


Bruised Knee Syndrome.

White devil, with an ancient taste, knows no race.
courtship on fire, desire and hate, perfect mates
show dog, lap pet, cornered and left for dead.
don't put up with the hurt, take off instead.

spent too much too soon, destructive monsoon.
woken up and found down, embrace the underground.
kept in a mental crypt, misinformed and misled
scapegoat in a boat, two by two led by you.

stayed when you should have roamed.
can you feel the bruised knee syndrome.

don't become one for the books, take a look.
don’t believe words screamed, free or wed.
are you careless, staying struck, beat or shook.
time to cash that canceled check of the head.

stayed when you should roamed.
silent victim.
bruised knee syndrome

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