Saturday, January 29, 2011



Caress me with that strained smile of yours.
Impress them with every sculptured word, a chore.
People are inept who sink to your depth.
Keep your speeches for some one more worthy.

My will is strong-real and I will not submit.
Stinking of resent and a creeping fear to commit.
People like you love all that you do.
Creating people like me, who install fear into you.

What’s real what’s real?
Your cards, your rules, your deal?
A life is at stake. You’re the mistake.
Too busy being.... fake, fake, fake.

Plastic, pruning, attitude tuning. You hang from a mental tandem.
Slapstick, double standard, idiot crooning, stop being so random.

Conforming in your non-conformity.
Old doctor boots sold to the new crowd.
Loving now to be violent instead of just loud.
Create the more perfect less original human being please.
You could have a real life instead it's just a tease.

Talent for looks.
T.V. for books
Show instead of substance
I will do my own dance.

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