Saturday, January 29, 2011


I am an actor, you are an actress.
Truthfully, lately I am a mess.
I am a true friend, and a more worthy foe.
Cross me and I will get darker than Poe.
Breathe the air and feel the cool breeze.
It’s clean, is it strange that I cough and I wheeze.
Let me make you laugh and make you cry.
All the time I will stare you dead in the eyes.
We all react in different ways.
Viewed from many perspectives on any given day.
Lives are paths crossed over and impacted.
Some are true to the face while others well acted.
It may just be easier to continue the path.
To stop could be fatal, cut too deep a swath.
Life is what you make it and you should live it well.
Cause Heaven is reachable even from Hell.

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