Saturday, January 29, 2011



I’ve forgot mine, how much of yours remains?
eyes left dry, should be wet with minds rain.
lies from the past, make it easy to pretend.
self need put last, until the cycle ends.

old men and their reasons.
pride rules their thinking.
trapped inside a common shell.
playing a part, written for them.
loosened grip, insides tighten.
shadowed never enlightened.
doing what’s only been taught.
to cry alone, don't get caught.

a callous man, immune to hurt.
reflects only anger, aggression, no words.
by design, in this mold.
a familiar story that is  seldom told.


No one can reach him, a loner i suppose.
no one can read him, outside it never shows.
long forgotten words displayed when tears start to come.
old ways and new ways, still re-acting numb.

my conscience hates me for things left undone.
programmed to be a man, pasted from father onto son.
strained with no release, rage overcomes.
cold, distanced, with no peace, fucked up and acting numb.

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